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A Dog Sled Pulled By A Team Of Ididirods In Below Zero Temperatures.

August 3rd, 2020

A Dog Sled Pulled By A Team Of Ididirods In Below Zero Temperatures.

-18 Degrees below zero registered on the thermometer just outside the door of the busy lodge as we left the comfort of the fireplace for our departure to Granite Springs which will be even colder than the minus 18 degrees below zero. The thought of removing my Silver Fox ankle length Fur coat and Hat which covered my ears and kept them warm even in the below zero temperatures which we will probably experience for the entire day. My swim suit which I would don once we arrived at the hot spring made me wonder if I really wanted to do this. But now we were preparing to load into the Dog Sleds and to start this adventure which Phil and I had dreamed about doing for 50 years and the loud barking of all of the Ididrod team of dogs were now barking in unison with all of the other dogs in tge yard which would be joining us at Granite Springs where we would finally experience the thrill of the extreme weather and swimming in water which was comfortingly warm in an air temperature of sub zero temperatures.

Surprizingly, the coldest time we experienced was the flleet minute it took us to dash down to the spring, wearing our bathing suits and hurriely jumped into the warm water of Granite Hot Springs.

After about half an hour we reluctantly climbed out of the spring and to our suprize the below zero temperature did not seem so cold as our bodies had absorbe enough heat so that we did not freese and had enough time to once again put on our snow clothes and my fur Coat and hat.

Aonderful meal was waiting fore us under the snow laden trees and the aroma of fresh fish wafting from the grill up to where we had exited the spring and the warmpth of the smell was scintilating.

The dogs were resting in the snow after their challenging chore of delivering us to this wonderland with extreme weather.

It was comforting to us as we sat down to a wonderful meal and prepared us for the sled ride back to the lodge.

The trip was even better than we had ever dreamed it could be. Never let extreme zero temperatures keep you from some of the most beautiful country one can experience from a dogsled pulled by Ididiron doga nd where no wheeled vehicles can get to.

The Talented World of Philip Bracco

June 17th, 2019

The Talented World of Philip Bracco

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